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For over 15 years O’Donnell Engineering has being using the latest Dinamica Generales’ Taurus weighing systems which consist of a set of reliable and long lasting components that are able to work in the most rugged and harshest environments. It can be used to weigh cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, goats, buffalos and so on. The weigh bars are suitable for an easy installation on portable or platform scales. Their IP68 protection grade (water full immersion protection) allows for the best product on the market against dirt and moisture. Our weighing indicator with our incomparable BLOCKER filter guarantees a perfect and stable reading of the weight also the DYNAMIC version to weigh the animals as they are walking and passing through gates without the need to stop.


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Taurus weighing system is available in the following versions:

Basic System:
Only to read animal weight with no data management
Comes with the Taurus 10 indicator
4no DGS Load cells each with a capacity of 1,000kg (Over all weigh capacity of 4,000kg)
Load bar protectors to ensure load cells are safe from side impact and shock loading
Standard platform and portable scales carry this as operating system

Advanced System:
Same features of Basic system with weight reading and complete data management features with Taurus Trace and advanced Taurus 30 Indicator included
Ability to monitor the weight of any single animal with EID reference, elaborate statistics and help to take the right decision on feed, health treatment and heard size management
Allows for connection of accessories and can be integrated in the dinamica Generale feeding software DTM for a complete control of feeding process and animal weight

Dynamic System:
Combines advantages of both Basic and Advanced weighing system with Taurus Trace software and advanced indicator included
Dynamic system is a no stop weighing system providing less stress on animal and less time required to weigh the entire herd and certain daily weight acquisitions

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Page 19 #3Agrident APR500 Hand Held Tag Reader :
Pocket sized with ergonomic alphanumeric keypad,
Simple to use database and information transfer
Clear graphical display • Robust & Ergonomic IP64 housing
Large memory and great connectivity • Easy to setup & use
USB, RS232 & Class 1 Bluetooth interfaces as standard
Programmable hot keys for easy dta collection


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