Design & Planning at ODE

With over 34 years of experience in the Irish agricultural sector, O’Donnell’s complete any design and planning required for:

  • Bull Penning
  • Cattle Slatted Unit Housing Design
  • Custom Cattle Crush Designs
  • Automated tag reading penning system
  • AI Stations
  • Cattle Marts
  • Cattle holding and sorting penning
  • College Cattle Housing and Penning
  • Calf Group Penning Design
  • Retro-fitting existing cubicle sheds
  • Sheep race and penning (Removable or Fixed)
  • Mobile cattle and sheep handling
  • Milking Parlour Maingers and rump rails retro-fit

All design work is completed in the latest computer 3D technology to produce a complete and efficient design. All design work is completed by O’Donnell’s internal engineering department which can custom any design to suit its application and customers’ requests.