O’Donnell Engineering Cattle Drafting System

The ODE drafter is a stand-alone automated drafting unit, which allows farmers to sorts and separate their herd.
Designed, Tested and Manufactured in Ireland.
The system uses the standard ‘battery-free’ HDX electronic identification ear tags
2-way and 3-way versions are available as standard, allowing cows to be sorted in two or three directions.
The system is completely free-flowing, due to the double antenna installed allowing accurate and rapid animal detection.
This reduces the operating stress on the animals allowing them to walk at their natural pace without the need to stop the animals this system can be installed in almost any existing yard.


Benefits of ODE the Drafter:

  • Stress free sorting with no need to stop animal flow exiting the parlour
  • Simple two-way or three-way drafting
  • Touch screen operation via parlour rugged tablet, operator phone app or manual divert button· Uses low cost HDX ear tags
  • Heavy duty construction and hot dipped galvanised
  • Compressed air operated
  • Easily fits into existing races and limited spaces
  • 2 or 3 exit options
  • Accurate tag reading captures cows without interrupting flow
  • Double Antenna operation
  • One man operation
  • Easy to use software
  • Can be integrated into any milking system
  • Manual operation for cows with no tags
  • Notifications of drafted and missing cows

Video of the Drafter in use: